Richtersveld National Park

Our visit to the Richtersveld National Park, close to the Namibian border brought back memories of our time in the Sperrgebied, when I was a geologist at Namdeb’s operations at Oranjemund.  We had not, however, visited this particular area and it was a real eye-opener in terms of its ruggedness and beauty.  Luckily we had Graham Williamson’s excellent book with us and it helped us to gain an understanding of the natural history of the area.  The roads were rough and ready, so only 4×4 vehicles are allowed.  Once in the park, one sees few other people and we were lucky to be completely isolated for much of our time.  The solitude and grandeur of the place soon brings one to realise how insignificant we are.

Below are some images which attempt to portray a bit of what we experienced.

One thought on “Richtersveld National Park

  1. Beautiful! I recently returned from a trip to Namibia but didn’t get that far south. But the country’s rugged landscape was fascinating. I definitely want to see more of the country and also visit South Africa.

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