Hunting Orchids at Elandskloof

Twelve keen explorers set out for Elandskloof this morning to meet Basie Steyn who had kindly volunteered to show us some orchids on the property which he manages. He was a wonderful host and went out of his way to tell us all about the history of the farm and take us up into the mountains to see the flowers.  We certainly saw many orchids and the botanists in our midst were very excited at all the different species available.  Not only were there orchids, but many other fynbos varieties and I have tried to show some of them below.  Hopefully my readers will be able to identify them for me!

One thought on “Hunting Orchids at Elandskloof

  1. If this outing taught me anything it is that orchids are far more widespread than I had believed and that they invariably occur in disturbed ground, such as at roadsides. It seems that we could use this information to find many more specimens, where we had not previously thought of looking.

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