Another Orchid Search

We did not take part in our usual Wednesday walk with the Hurriers yesterday, but went up the Zig-Zig to the Jeep Track in the east of Fernkloof in order to find more Orchids. Liz, Pat and Fran were the experts, whilst Renee and I trailed along.  It was a great outing.  We covered 11 km with perfect walking weather and we found no less than seven Orchid species, so were well pleased with our efforts.  First up was a rare Eulophia aculeata (just one on its own) then the usual suspects, Disa cylindrica and Satyrium stenopetalum, followed by Ceretandra atrata, Disa cornuta, Pterogodium catholicum and finally, what we had set out to see, the beautiful little Disa vaginata.

Of course, we saw many other interesting plants and some of the insects that probably polinate them.  On our return we went up to the contour path above Voelklip to photograph the newly discovered (in this region) Erica genistifolia.  We found only one small specimen and wondered if it is the last of it’s kind in the area.  Hats off to Liz, who first noticed it last week.


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