Chasing the Little Bittern

Jessie kindly allowed us to go birding on her farm in the Elgin Valley.  Conditions were perfect when we arrived at the hide, where a Little Bittern is often seen.  We got there at 06h00 in order to be sure of success as Jessie had told us this was the best time.

Birds abounded and we were thrilled at the variety, seeing no less than 54 species during our two hour stay, but unfortunately we did not see or hear a Bittern.  Black Crakes were plentiful and we saw many Warblers and Waxbills.  Kingfishers entertained us with their antics, while Coots chased each other across the water.

It was a wonderful morning and a birder’s paradise.  We will visit again.


2 thoughts on “Chasing the Little Bittern

  1. We are on opposite sides of the world, but yet we see ‘the same’ things on birding hikes. Too fun. Great captures!

    We have two bitterns that we can see in my part of the US (Houston, Texas, near the Gulf Coast): the least bittern and the american bittern. I have yet to see the least, our ‘little’, bittern…but I continue looking for him. Cheers. ~ Shannon

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