Onrus Mountain Outing

Eleven keen botanists braved the strong north-westerly wind this  morning and drove up to the radio-masts on top of Onrus Mountain above the Vermont pan.  We did this courtesy of the kind owner of the farm Jackals Dans, with a view to finding interesting plants after the fires that ravaged the area a couple of months ago.  I went along to record the event and to see what birds might be present.

The views over Walker Bay and Sandown Bay were magnificent, but we had to hold on at times in the wind.  The botanists will no doubt report on their findings, whilst I only saw three bird species, but was lucky that a pair of Ground Woodpeckers were included.

Getting up and down was greatly assisted by the fact that MTN have built a good concrete road to their towers.  It will be interesting to see what plants appear as the area recovers.

I stupidly forgot to take my camera with me, so had to use my iPhone – the results bear testimony to its ability as a camera!

Walking behind Napier

Peter Albertyn kindly led us on a pretty severe hike in the mountains behind Napier yesterday.  It was on a path that he himself had cleared some 18 years back and it was, accordingly, very narrow and poorly defined, so much so that I could not trace it on Google Earth.  He said that it was around 8 km long and fortunately the weather was quite cool, so we were not too stressed, but it was certainly rugged and quite tough going.

For the botanists there were some unusual and interesting flowers along the way and the scenery was superb, with views as far as Cape Agulhas and the Strandveld on one side, and the rolling Ruggens on the other.

The joy of living in Hermanus

Last week Renee and I went up Rotary Way to look for birds and were met with this wonderful view of Hermanus.  We are really so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world.  There wasn’t a breath of wind, so the sea was like a mirror, reflecting the clouds – an unusual thing to see in this normally rough ocean!

Eastern Hermanus on a perfect Autumn day
Eastern Hermanus on a perfect Autumn day