Hiking in the Kogelberg

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful hike from Oudebosch over to Betty’s Bay, but were starkly reminded of the need to keep our eyes open and tread very carefully, when one of our members tumbled and nearly went over the edge whilst walking down the steep path to Harold Porter Nature Reserve.  Fortunately she only fractured a finger and suffered some cuts and bruises, but it could have been much worse.  The incident also highlighted the importance of staying together as a group, so that any accidents are able to be handled by all concerned and not left to an isolated group.

That apart, the walk was undertaken in cool, clear weather and we once again enjoyed the wonders of the pristine afromontane forests that occur in the area.  Being mid-winter there were few flowering plants, but those that we saw were of interest, especially the tall pink flower resembling and growing with Osmitopsis asteriscoides.  We were not sure what it was, but think probably Senecio speciosissimus.

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