Raising the Bar at Luddite

Our walk at Luddite yesterday was not for the fainthearted!  Carin only had seven takers and only four of us ventured up the mountain in the heat.  It was a walk from hell! – only 5 km and a climb of 400 m but steep and very slippery, with loose gravel on the way down, and we had to stop many times to get our breath back.  Hats off to Audrey who handled it well – more than could be said for yours truly, who felt quite dizzy at times!  Carol and John got through okay and we were all very relieved when it was over!

Back on the farm, Carin presented us with a wonderful early lunch with three delicious quiches and loads of fresh cool salad, washed down with iced water, before Niels presented us with his latest Luddite Chenin – quite a wine with rather strange nose, but wonderful flavours.  Apparently the bouquet wears off with a longer period in the bottle, Niels being reluctant to do what most winemakers apparently do – kill the smell with a dose of Copper Sulphate!

Well done Carin, for challenging us so on your mountain, but really rewarding us for finishing the course!

Our route
Our route

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