Five Years of Blogging

In November I was reminded that I have been blogging for 5 years!  During that time I have posted 280 articles, mainly on the walking activities of the Hermanus Hurriers, a group of like-minded senior adventurers who enjoy their regular interactions with nature in the areas around Hermanus in the southern Cape.  Being blessed with such wonderful surroundings and having an eye for flowers and scenery, these posts have included no less than 3560 images (around 12 per post).  Furthermore, without any tags or associations with other media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, this site has attracted just short of 50 000 clicks, at an average of 28 per day.

So, if you are part of the Hurriers group and you want to look into our activities, you need do no more than scroll down through the site and you will be able to see most of what we have done over five years! Enjoy it if you have the time.

Of course there are other posts about family, photography and travel, but they are in the minority.

High up in Fernkloof

7 thoughts on “Five Years of Blogging

  1. Des.

    Congratulations on your ongoing dedication. I love to catch a glimpse, via your posts, of what might have been. Hope you continue for years to come!

  2. Paul la Grange

    What a wonderful achievement, Ron! I regularly read your blogs and am always impressed by the lovely descriptions and the superb photography. Knowing some of your family members is a bit of a bonus as we at Rondebosch are always interested in our Old Boys and Present Boys! Regards, Paul la Grange.

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