Spilhaus Family Reunion

Last month 65 members of the greater Spilhaus family held a reunion at Hohenort, which was once the family seat in Constantia, Cape Town, but which is now a hotel.  They came from far and wide, including France, Australia, UK, USA and Canada.  Peter Elliott took the opportunity to launch his new book on five hundred years of family history, as well as his excellent publication on the life and times of the artist, Nita Spilhaus.

It was a nostalgic get-together and provided a chance to meet up with long lost relatives.  I managed to get 52 members of the family to pose for a memorable photograph.  All but two names are recorded, but maybe somebody reading this will be able to provide the two that are missing.

4 thoughts on “Spilhaus Family Reunion

  1. Peter Elliott

    Ronnie, well done to have identified so many of the family who attended. You have Claude Leroy twice (25 and 26). Do send me the high res version and I will have another look to identify which of these is correct, and also to have another look at the missing two!

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