The Onrus/Vermont Coastal Path

This morning 11 of us had the pleasure of walking the 8 km route from the Milkwood Restaurant to Brekvisbaai and back.  It was a perfect morning to be out and there were many others enjoying this beautiful part of our coastline.  This path should be an example to all the users of the Hermanus Cliff Path, which is always fouled by dogs, who’s owners do not clean up after them.  We did not see a single bit of litter, whether deposited by dogs or otherwise, making walking so much more pleasurable.

Onrus path
Our Route

A stop opposite the caravan park for a really tasty cup of coffee was very welcome and it was good to see the water dishes put out for the many dogs that were walking.

The high point of the walk, for me, was seeing a Peregrine Falcon fly past carrying a captured dove, and then a Greater Double Collared Sunbird near to the point at Onrus.

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