Walking in the Knysna Forest

Our trip to Rheenendal commenced on Thursday morning when we left Hermanus.  After settling in at Forest Edge cottages, we assembled at Redwoods, the beautiful home of the Van Rheenen family where Dave hosted us and we had a fantastic dinner, put together by various members of our 14 strong party.

Next day saw us clambering down the steep slope to Drupkelders in the morning.  Trees, rocks, roots and ropes assisted us with the treacherous path, but the river and pools at the base made it all worthwhile.  In the afternoon we did the short, but beautiful, walk at Jubilee Creek.  The forest really is magnificent, with stately Yellowwood trees towering up above the canopy, some up to 1000 years old.

On Saturday morning we walked the ‘Circles in a Forest’ route, another spectacular path through the forest, once again surounded by the magnificent old trees and ferns.  We did not come across any evidence of elephants (although two were apparently seen the week before) and birds were hard to see, although we heard many turacos.

We ended off with a wonderful buffet lunch at Mother Holly’s before returning to Forest Edge for a rest before our evening get-together.

We walked about 20 kilometres in all and it was a very memorable experience and one that we will certainly try to do again.

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