Stilbaai Area Birding Trip

We have just returned from a two day outing with the Hermanus Bird Club to Stilbaai and surrounds.  It was a wonderful experience, with the high point being the visit, yesterday morning, to Voelvlei.  On the way we were rewarded with a rare sighting of two melanistic Jacobin Cuckoos.  Then at Voelvlei, itself, we were literally blown away by the huge numbers of Greater and Lesser Flamingos, African Spoonbills, African Shellducks, Black Winged Stilts, Yellow Billed Ducks, Grey Herons, Red Knobbed Coots and many others! There were thousands of them and we even counted around 100 Grey Herons!  Then, to top it all, we saw four Black Storks, a Fish Eagle and a Martial Eagle!

Our excitement did not go unnoticed and we were visited by around a dozen very friendly horses that wanted to look through our scopes and eat our sandwiches!

The total number of species recorded was around 120, so we really did very well.

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