A Walk in the Burn

An eight hour hike in the Fernkloof Reserve yesterday was a revelation.  The amount of regrowth after the summer fire is incredible and we saw many wonderful flowers.  As usual, the search for Orchids took centre stage and we were not disappointed.  We managed to find Disa fasciata, Disa cornuta, Disa cylindrica (?), Disa ophrydea, Disa obliqua, Disa pillansii, Holothrix cernua, Evotella carnosa and Satyrium lupulinum.

There were also many Moraea species as well as a good variety of others.  The common denominator was that most only occur after a fire, so are unlikely to be seen again for a while.

A pair of Klipspringers seemed unconcerned by our presence, although we were a fair distance away.  On the birding side, I was thrilled to see a pair of Sentinel Rock Thrushes, a pair of Verreaux’s Eagles and a Fish Eagle, whilst the call of the Grassbirds was constant.