Orchids near the Visitors’ Centre

This morning we had intended searching for the bee that pollinates the Disa pillansii on the slopes below Galpin Hut, but the weather was too cool, so instead, we searched for Orchids along the path to the waterfall in Fernkloof and were well rewarded.  We found abundant Satyrium bicallosum and Disa bracteata, along with Pterogodium catholicum (in bud), Satyrium lupilinum and Holothrix cernua.  There were also hundreds of budding Lachenalia peersii as well as many other beautiful plants, including Bobartia, Geissorhiza, and lots more!

3 thoughts on “Orchids near the Visitors’ Centre

  1. jobiska

    It is amazing to see that such fantastic flowers are growing there, just under our noses! Thanks for the lovely photographs, Ronnie.

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