A Walk at Silvermine

This morning Renee and I went to Silvermine to look for Orchids, all because of a wonderful blog by Jess Lund (Sky Bound Soliloquies) in which she described what an amazing day she had had there last weekend and how she had found 9 species.  We were not so lucky – or perhaps so observant – as we only saw 4 different species, however, two were new to us; Satyrium bracteatum and Disa maculata.

The Reserve was looking wonderful with fields of densely flowering Pseudoselago and Pelargoniums.  Another breathtaking spectacle was the Liparia splendens (Mountain Rose).  We have never seen this plant growing in such profusion!

A visit to the Elephant’s Eye Cave was interesting, but as the cave was packed with noisy tourists, we did not stay long, preferring to wander around in the fynbos looking for new plants.  Our walk lasted three hours and we covered around 6.3 km.  It was a long drive from Hermanus, but well worth it as we have never previously been to Silvermine.  We will go again!

4 thoughts on “A Walk at Silvermine

  1. Des.

    Thanks for this lovely glimpse at the miracle of nature. We have often been to Silvermine during our lifetime but never seen what you have shown. Thanks and enjoy your next visit there!

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