A Walk to Galpin Hut (in the rain!)

Our walk to Galpin started off in overcast weather.  We thought it might rain, but 10 hardy souls set off, nevertheless.  By the time we got to Galpin Hut the drizzle had started and it persisted for the rest of the hike, so we got pretty wet, but nothing like last Thursday when we were really soaked!

It was a pleasant walk and we certainly stayed cool.  I was, as usual, on the look out for Orchids and saw a fair number of species, with good stands of Disa bivalvata and Pterogodium acutifolium.  There were also a fair number of Satyrium rhynchanthum on the south side of the mountain below Galpin, which is encouraging to know, and there were many small brilliantly pink Droseras.  The Lanaria lanata is really looking good at the moment,  as are the Aristeas.  It was also nice to see many Lapeirousia micrantha in bloom on the path below Adder’s Ladder.  As for the grasses, it looked as if a walker had spread seed along the paths as they were bounded by dense growths of a grass which did not appear anywhere else!


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