Walking the ‘Burn’ on 18 November

Luckily we had good weather for a change, but missed many of our regular participants. Liz led us a merry dance, however, and we covered around 13 km over a period of just under nine hours!  I was certainly exhausted by the time we got back to base!  Luckily we saw most of what we were aiming for, including Satyrium rhynchanthum and Evotella rubiginosa – which really buoyed Liz who had missed the last few outings when they were first seen! Our Orchid count numbered 21, and I may even have missed one or two, however, it must be said that many were well past their sell-by date.

On our return we got to within 10 m of a pair of Klipspringers which was pretty exciting. They seemed quite unconcerned about our presence. We also recorded Ground Woodpecker and Red-Chested Cuckoo, although we only heard the latter.

2 thoughts on “Walking the ‘Burn’ on 18 November

  1. Lee Burman

    Hi Ron, Thanks for great pix. Especially the Mimetes capitulatus, which I have never seen up there. Your Mimetes looks like a rather odd colour M.cucullatus. I joined some of your regulars on the burn on Rotary Way this morning. Also very good. Lee

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