Three More Orchids in Fernkloof

What an exciting day we had!  Firstly I (the lone man!) was accompanied by nine lovely ladies, then we saw a trio of Klipspringers, I saw a large Cape Cobra, we put up a Hottentot Buttonquail, A pair of Jackal Buzzards engaged in some aerobatic flying above us, and our regular Sentinel Rock Thrush was on hand to welcome us.

The fynbos was particularly good along our chosen route, from the top of the Voelklip ZigZag, via the firebreak to De Mond se Kop and then on to the Jeep Track until the Mossel River causeway, after which we took the path to Galpin, before returning via White Rock and Adder’s Ladder; a distance of 11.6 km.

What made it special was the fact that, in addition to the many common Orchids that we saw along the route, we got a good patch of Pachites bodkinii, a single Eulophia tabularis, and a few Disa bodkinii.  These were all lifers for me, so I was in my element!

The group split towards the end and I was sorry to miss a pair of Amur Falcons in flight – a truly rare sight in this part of the world!


4 thoughts on “Three More Orchids in Fernkloof

  1. Good morning, A group of keen fynbos lovers, especially orchids are coming to Fernkloof on Thursday.
    Please can you tell me where to find the 3 orchid delights. It will bring my list to 63..yipppeee

    1. Hello Sue
      If you let me have your email address, I will send you a map. Please be aware, however, that these Orchids are precious to us and treat them and the surrounding fynbos with respect (as I am sure you, as a nature lover, will). Also, should you see anything else, please share this info with us, in return!

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