Disa bodkinii

I was interested to read in ‘The Cape Orchids’ that previously located specimens of this plant showed up to 9 flowers.  This led me to take another look at my pictures taken on Friday and I was surprised to see that one plant, shown here, had around 13 flowers, in various stages of age.  Small buds were not counted, so the plant may well have one or two more.  This is obviously a very fine specimen!  We saw around five plants at this site.

3 thoughts on “Disa bodkinii

  1. Sue Stuckie

    Hi Ron,
    We had a fabulous day on Thursday, discovered the delightful Pachites bodkinii and many other orchids.Also a magnificent section of Satyrium rhynchanthum.
    Unfortunately we did not find the Disa bodkinii nor the Evotella rubiginosa.
    Would it be terribly cheeky if we asked if we could join you tomorrow?
    Sue and the other Wild orchid fanatics.

    1. So sorry to only get back to you now. My Internet connection dropped and I did not know how to contact you. We had a good walk and I will be posting a blog on our day’s finds

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