Vogelgat Waterfall

Twelve Hurriers set out for the waterfall at Vogelgat Reserve this morning.  Regrettably, a slight fall or two meant that only eight reached the end, but it was a wonderful walk and we mastered all the obstacles along the way.  Hats off to the more elderly members of the group for persevering and finishing the course.

Our (or should I say, my) objective was to see the Disa uniflora, and we were not disappointed, as there was a beautiful specimen at the side of the path and also some high up on the waterfall.  I had my new camera with me and was keen to get a good photograph, but something went wrong and I didn’t get a good image!  Am I annoyed?  You bet!!  Still, the walk was a great experience and a good challenge!

Disa uniflora

We were lucky to see an immature Verreaux’s Eagle perched on a high rock on the way back, but no other significant birds made their presence known.

This was our first walk of the new season and we look forward to many more, and also to a few more exciting challenges such as this.


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