An Endless Flight of Cormorants .. and some other birds!

Our walk along the coast from Kleinbaai to Danger Point was fairly uneventful on the way out, however, by the time we returned The Cape Cormorants (presumably from Dyer Island) started a fly past which totally defied description.  We estimated that the main squadron of birds was at least five km long and must have numbered in excess of 20 000 birds.  Then, as we approached Kleinbaai, there were also thousands sitting on the rocks. The collective noun for cormorants is a ‘flight’, but this word did not do justice to what we saw.  Perhaps we should coin another term for this species; something that will convey the sheer numbers which cannot be described in pictures or words!  We were all quite amazed by what we saw and when I close my eyes, I just see birds everywhere.

Sadly, on a visit to the Seabird Rehabilitation Centre after our walk, we were told that many of the roosting birds (from the 37 000 pair colony on Dyer Island) take refuge on the shore when they cannot find sufficient food stocks in the ocean.  This was distressing news indeed.

Apart from cormorants, we also saw many African Oystercatchers and Common Whimbrels, and I was completely blown away when Mike spotted a single Ruddy Turnstone amongst the thousands of cormorants on the rocks.  How he did it I will never know as it was a fair distance away and very hard to see!

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