A Walk with Eagles

Twelve Hurriers set off up Adder’s Ladder and on to the Jeep Track this morning.  As we were leaving we were delighted to see a juvenile Verreaux’s Eagle fly over.  Then, a short time later, two adults were spotted and they gave us a wonderful show, swooping and circling overhead! Meantime, around 8 African Olive Pigeons were enjoying themselves in the Kiggelaria africana (Wild Peach) at the Visitors’ Centre.  Also seen in the trees were Cape White-Eyes, Cape Rock Thrush, Olive Thrush, Dusky Flycatcher, Fiscal Flycatcher and Southern Double-collared Sunbirds, whilst White-Necked Ravens and a Jackal Buzzard enjoyed the open air.

Our walk took us to just short of the Mossel river crossing on the Jeep Track, before we turned back up the path towards Galpin.  Just as well as there was a gale force headwind.  Luckily the latter soon abated and we were able to enjoy a well-earned refreshment stop along the path. Soon we were on the downhill slope again and by the time we returned to our cars, we had covered 9.5 km and climbed to 550 metres.  On the return below Galpin, we were once again privileged to see the two Verreaux’s Eagles flying low overhead.

4 thoughts on “A Walk with Eagles

  1. Lee Burman

    Hi Ron – nice to see the Eagles and know they are breeding again!
    Your pic of Saltera sarcocolla is, I think, better than the one selected for the book. Why not use it?

  2. I am about to correct the distance walked as I have measured the route with Google Earth and we only walked 9.5 km and not 14.2 as indicated on my phone! The App I was using is obviously garbage and I have tossed it!!

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