A Great Day Out

Yesterday we joined forces with the Palmers for a day of birding. It was the Mini-Big-Birding-Day, or MBBD, of the Hermanus Bird Club and we were required to identify as many birds as possible within a 12 hour period and within a fixed distance (40km) from Hermanus.

We set off at 5:45 am and started our day in the Elgin Valley, where our first bird was a Spotted Eagle Owl, which appeared out of the mist and dawn light as the event started at 6:30 am.  It was a long day and we finished up in at Fernkloof for a party with our fellow competitors at 6:30 pm having got our 117th bird  – a Red Winged Starling, just minutes before!  It was enough to put us in second place – four birds behind the winners, but that did not matter – what was important was that we had a great day and saw some wonderful birds, whilst covering around 200 kilometres.

One thought on “A Great Day Out

  1. Barbara Palmer

    It was a wonderful, exhausting day, with lots of laughs and sighs. You don’t want to know what bird whistled me awake this morning. Yip, the Red wing Starling!

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