Storms in Cape Town

We decided to spend a few days in Sea Point, never realising that we had picked the most violent period in terms of the weather.  When we arrived it was perfect and we enjoyed two long walks along the promenade on Monday and Tuesday. Then all hell broke loose on Wednesday with the biggest storm in living memory.  The sea was a magnificent, albeit dangerous, sight, with massive waves wrecking havoc along the previously placid coastline.  It was too wet to take proper pictures and one had to be there to get the full impact.  The newspapers and digital media have some wonderful images, but I will, nevertheless, add my few.

Strandfontein revisited

On Monday morning on our way to Cape Town we popped into the Strandfontein Sewage works to get a quick update on the local birds.  We saw nothing new, but nevertheless enjoyed the outing to one of my favourite birding spots.  The pictures below show a few birds that I managed to capture, the highlight being the Rufous-Chested Sparrowhawk, which we managed to get really close to.