An Interesting Moraea

When I saw a small yellow Moraea on the plot nearby and wrote about it in my blog ‘An Empty Plot’ I had trouble identifying it and eventually settled on M neglecta, knowing that the latter is normally around 25 cm tall, whereas the one I saw is only 10 cm tall.  I therefore misnamed it and it was only when Christine saw the image and recognised the flower that I became aware of M. papilionacea.  This then, is what it is and it around 10 years since one was last seen, so I found the plant again this morning and show it in all its glory!

I was also able to get a better photo of the Holothrix at this site and so confirm it as H. villosa var. villosa

4 thoughts on “An Interesting Moraea

  1. Lee Burman

    Nice find. As Christine probably told you, we last saw it in 2004 in Flat Street, where I collected it for the Coastal Herbarium. If the vacant plot is likely to be built on, perhaps it could be relocated to a safer spot? Someone with green fingers like Sandy or Geraldine might try.

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