Dot’s Dash 2018

Nine Hurriers had the pleasure of walking Dot’s Dash this morning.  It was perfect walking weather apart from the rather stiff breeze, but there were plenty of places where we were in the lee of the mountain so all in all it was very pleasant.  As expected, the fynbos was amazing, with everyone blown away by the magnificent displays of Erica pillansii and E. perspicua.  The persistent fires in the region have failed to do more than make a dent in the garden that we call the Kogelberg Reserve.

The path was in very good condition and one has to take one’s hat off to the Kleinmond group who do such good work, constantly improving the route and building steps out of huge boulders.  They really must work very hard and we all appreciate their effort!

Stanford Outing

Hermanus Bird Club

Twenty two birders enjoyed a perfect morning at Stanford today.  The weather was glorious and there were plenty of interesting birds to see.  Barbara and Graham presented us with a good walk around the village, which included the path along the river, then via Vlei road to Appel se Dam.  We saw a total of 69 species, including such rarities as the beautiful Hottentot Teal and a Black Harrier.

The full list comprised:    Bar-throated Apalis; Southern Red Bishop; Cape Bulbul; Jackal Buzzard; Cape Canary; Le Vaillant’s Cisticola; Red-Knobbed Coot; Reed Cormorant; White-breasted Cormorant; Black Crake; African Darter; Laughing Dove; Red-eyed Dove; Fork-tailed Drongo; White-backed Duck; White-faced Duck; Yellow-billed Duck; Cattle Egret; Common Fiscal; Greater Flamingo; African Dusky Flycatcher; Fiscal Flycatcher; Egyptian Goose; Spur-winged Goose; African Goshawk; Little Grebe; Sombre Greenbul; Helmeted Guineafowl; Black Harrier; African Harrier-Hawk; Black-headed Heron; Grey Heron; Purple Heron; African Hoopoe; Hadeda Ibis; Sacred Ibis; Giant…

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Hangklip Revisited

We last climbed Hangklip six years ago and then ten of us went up with relative ease.  Today was a different story!  Only four intrepid souls ventured up the steep climb – and boy, was it STEEP!!  We stopped many times on the way up to rest, but made it in the end, so were rewarded by the beautiful views from the top.  I very much doubt that any of us will do it again!  Of course, Audrey was there and showed us what can be achieved.  What an amazing walking companion!