A walk to Plaaskombuis



The walkers enjoyed the beautiful vistas on the sea side and when the top of the path was reached, the spectacular Hemel and Aarde Valley was an easy downhill amble.

As you can see, all the walkers were spoilt by Piet and Martha with coffee and a snack at Die Plaaskombuis at the end of the walk, as it was Martha’s 80 Birthday earlier this year and she insisted on picking up the bill.


Hailstorm in Hermanus

Hail on the Golf Course

We were awoken this morning to the thunderous sound of heavy hail battering our tin roof.  It was still dark, but by the time it was light enough to snap an early picture, we were amazed to see the golf course, white with its icy covering.  A good fall of 30mm of rain during the night will have gone a long way towards improving Hermanus’ dam levels and we look forward to more over the next couple of days

Kleinmond Coastal Path

It was a real pleasure, as one of the 14 Hurriers who walked the Kleinmond Coastal Path this morning, to see the wild sea thundering against the rocks!  The weather was perfect, although a bit cold to start with and we all thoroughly enjoyed the walk to the beach at the mouth of the Palmiet river, and back.  Regrettably, the masses of Pelargoniums that line the path were not yet in bloom – they should be good in a month’s time – but we saw a few other flowers along the way.

Flower frenzy on De Mond se Kop

This morning I had the singular pleasure of accompanying eight ladies on their walk up the Zig-Zag path and on to De Mond se Kop in search of interesting plants.  We were not disappointed.

A bitterly cold wind kept us company and ensured that we were well wrapped up at all times.  Despite being heavily overcast, it did not rain at all, for which we were very thankful.  As for the flowers, we saw many beautiful specimens and stopped so many times to look and photograph, that I at times wondered if we would ever get off the mountain.  In the end we spent seven hours out and covered around 11 kilometres

Apart from the fynbos that so occupied everyone, we also saw a Cape Rockjumper and a beautiful pair of Black Harriers ranging above the three dams.  It was a wonderful sight to see these rare birds in Fernkloof!

Two walks in Fernkloof

Wednesday Morning

After the wind, cold and rain of the previous number of days 10 intrepid Hurrriers reported at the Visitors Center at 08.30.  It was a crisp clear day, perfect weather for walking.

Gert suggested that we do a circular walk up to Klipspringer, traverse across Kanonkop, go to the top of Lemoenkop for a coffee break and back to the Visitors’ Centre.  This walk gave us the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, the vistas across the bay with a distant glimpse of a whale just beyond the breakers at the mouth of the Mossel River and we even enjoyed seeing the little herd of Springbok on the golf course.

Sandy and Liz spotted an orchid just in bud along the diagonal path to Klipspringer to which they were planning to return to on Thursday for proper identification.  The rest of the party walked past in ignorance!!

Just a perfect day; even Piet could not find anything to complain about

Submitted by Piet, himself!


Friday Morning

A brisk walk along the Klipspringer Trail this morning reminded us of how lucky we are to live in Hermanus!  Perfect weather and the start of Spring flowers, added to the beautiful call of the Cape Grassbird, made for a wonderful morning.  We did not find the orchid referred to above.

Then, when we got home it was all ruined when Renee announced that she had lost her engagement ring!  We had a quick lunch and returned to see if we could find it, and, lo and behold, it only took us about 20 paces and there it was, lying on the edge of the path!  What a relief!  Renee has been wearing it for about 52 years and was feeling pretty bleak until then, but the good morning was restored!!

Pringle Bay to Rooi Els

Our walk this morning attracted 12 Hurriers, who battled along against a cold and strong wind to Rooi Els.  The veld, devastated by the fire of a couple of years ago has not recovered and was bleak!  Building construction along the road has also done a great deal of damage to the fynbos, so it was not our best walk.  The return was better as the wind was behind us, but that could not hide our overall disappointment with the area so famous for its bird life and floral wonders.  We saw very few birds and none of the specials (Cape Rock Jumper and Ground Woodpecker).