Orchids Galore at Gydo Pass

Yesterday we had an absolutely fantastic outing to Gydo Pass to search for Orchids.  Lester, who has been there previously, was our guide and he did an excellent job, showing us no less than 18 species . None of us had ever seen such a profusion of Orchids and we were thrilled to not only see many that we already knew, but a whole swathe of species that were new to us!  Burnt and disturbed areas really do provide a wealth of these interesting plants and it always amazes me that they colonise habitats that appear to us to be so unfavourable.

Apart from Orchids, there were many other beautiful species and I have attempted to show some of our more interesting finds below.


3 thoughts on “Orchids Galore at Gydo Pass

  1. jesslund

    Hi Ronnie, lovely set of photos! I am going to be going through Gydo Pass this weekend and would love to find some of these beauties, especially D. flexuosa and S. pumilum. Unfortunately I won’t have much time to look around so do you perhaps have any info on the best spots to look for them or GPS points?

  2. Nice to hear from you, Jess. The D flexuosa occur in a burnt area adjacent to the village of Op-Die-Berg and all the others are in disturbed ground on the left of the road as you go up the pass, especially through some blue gums. Good luck!

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