Walking at Flower Valley

Despite the threat of a wet morning and some of the stalwarts being absent with sick leave, 14 Hurriers turned up at the Kraal Rock parking area at 07.30.

On arrival at Flower Valley Farm we were met by Kirsten Retief, Conservation Manager of the Flower Valley Conservation Trust, who told us something about the Trust and the work that it is doing on the farm and with various conservation agencies and organisations in the area.

The fynbos was in excellent condition and we enjoyed two of the shorter walks . First the circular Pincushion Walk which took us up and around a hill and through fields of pincushions.  We then took a ‘there and back’ walk to the Stinkwood Forest where we enjoyed a tea break under a canopy of magnificent old stinkwood trees.  On the way back to the office we found fresh tracks of one of the four leopards known to range in that area.

The total time for the walks, including breaks, was 2h 45m and the total altitude gain 255m.

It was a morning much enjoyed by all and we were back at Kraal Rock by 12.30.

Piet van Zyl (with photos by Piet and Ed Meyer)

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