Amoeba revisited

When we arrived at the Visitor’s Centre at 07.30 last week we found one lone forlorn Hurrier in  an almost deserted parking area.  What had happened?  Why nobody?  The answer is READ THE NOTICE.  The starting time was 07.00.

Left to their own devices, the Tardy Three then did a recce of the Lollipop Route, but that is for a another day

This morning 13 Hurriers, three visitors and a dog reported for the walk at 07.00. After some discussion the party decided to repeat the AMOEBA walk of two weeks ago to see if we could spot some more Fire Lilies and other sprouting plants.   Unfortunately no Fire Lilies but we did see a soaring Black Eagle.

At the halfway stage two visitors, one member and a dog left the party leaving 13 to continue. Making a pitstop at the bench it was decided to vary the route slightly and, instead of going over the neck and taking the lower traverse back to the Visitor’s Centre, we went over Lemoenkop and returned via the middle traverse.  AMOEBA  2, a very pleasant walk.

New member Derek Botha had one of these fancy GARMIN watches so we could get the vital statics.  For what it is worth we walked for 5.71 km, the total altitude rise was 166m and the walk took us 2hrs 11m 37 seconds.