Drilling a Borehole

On Thursday I engaged a drilling contractor to put in a borehole as we have severe water restrictions and need more irrigation for our garden.  There was not really any choice as to where the hole should be sited, as the space available is very limited and the drilling rigs are very large.  Willie came round and suggested I move 6 inches to one side.  This I could accommodate and we started drilling.  As we reached around 45 metres the water started to show and by 60 metres it was strong.  We carried on to 79 metres so as to allow for a deep sump below the intended pumping depth.

What a mess it all made with mud and sand spraying all over the garden and house, but we hope it will all be worthwhile and are looking forward to getting the borehole equipped and having lots of lovely water to wash everything down with!  Initial estimates suggest that we might get around 4000l per hour – more than enough by far!