De Hoop with The Hermanus Bird Club

Our two night outing to De Hoop commenced on Monday.  Recording bird species for the trip list started when we left the tar road outside Bredasdorp and ended there today on our return.  It was a great trip, arranged by Craig, as his swansong from the committee.

Accommodation and food were of a very high standard, with everybody making their contribution.  The small group size (only 18 members took part) meant that we all got to know each other and this made for a very happy outing!

On the birding front, we managed to assemble a list of 126 species, which is probably just about as good as any previous trip to De Hoop.  Perhaps the best bird of the trip was the African Snipe, three of which frequented a small water seep close to the camp, making for great viewing.  Despite the somewhat windy weather, we also managed two boat trips on the lagoon and these contributed to the list, with especially great sightings of Black-crowned Night Herons.

Our list comprised:  Bar-throated Apalis;  Pied Avocet;  Southern Red Bishop;  Yellow Bishop;  Bokmakerie;  Cape Bulbul;  Cape Bunting;  Denham’s Bustard;  Common Buzzard;  Jackal Buzzard;  Brimstone Canary;  Yellow Canary;  White-throated Canary;  Grey-backed Cisticola;  Levallant’s Cisticola;  Red-knobbed Coot;  Reed Cormorant; White-breasted Cormorant;  Blue Crane;  Long-billed Crombec;  Cape Crow;  Pied Crow;  African Darter;  Cape Turtle Dove;  Laughing Dove;  Namaqua Dove;  Red-eyed Dove;  Fork-tailed Drongo;  Yellow-billed Duck;  African Fish Eagle;  Booted Eagle;  Great Egret;  Little Egret; Western Cattle Egret;  Yellow-billed Egret;  Common Fiscal;  Greater Flamingo;  Lesser Flamingo;  Fiscal Flycatcher;  Grey-winged Francolin;  Egyptian Goose;  Spur-winged Goose;  Pale Chanting Goshawk;  Cape Grassbird;  Black-necked Grebe;  Great Crested Grebe;  Little Grebe;  Sombre Greenbul;  Common Greenshank;  Helmeted Guineafowl; Hartlaub’s Gull;  Kelp Gull;  Hamerkop;  Black-crowned Night Heron;  Grey Heron;  African Sacred Ibis;  Glossy Ibis;  Hadeda Ibis;  Rock Kestrel;  Black-shouldered Kite;  Yellow-billed Kite;  Blacksmith Lapwing;  Crowned Lapwing;  Aghulhas Long-billed Lark;  Large-billed Lark;  Cape Longclaw;  Mallard;  Speckled Mousebird;  Common Moorhen; Fiery-necked Nightjar;  Commen Ostrich;  African Black Oystercatcher;  Speckled Pigeon; African Pipit;  Common Ringed Plover;  Kittlitz’s Plover;  Three-banded Plover;  White-fronted Plover;  Karoo Prinia;  White-necked Raven;  Cape Robin-Chat;  Namaqua Sandgrouse;  Common Sandpiper;  Curlew Sandpiper;  Wood Sandpiper;  Black Saw-wing;  Secretarybird;  Streaky-headed Seedeater;  Cape Shoveler;  African Snipe;  Cape Sparrow;  Southern Grey-headed Sparrow;  African Spoonbill;  Cape Spurfowl;  Common Starling;  Pied Starling;  Red-winged Starling;  Black-winged Stilt; Little Stint;  African Stonechat;  Cape Sugarbird;  Malachite Sunbird;  Southern Double-collared Sunbird;  Barn Swallow;  Greater Striped Swallow;  White-throated Swallow;  African Black Swift;  Alpine Swift;  Southern Tchagra;  Cape Teal;  Red-billed Teal;  Caspian Tern;  Common Tern;  Sandwich Tern;  Whiskered Tern;  Olive Thrush;  Ruddy Turnstone;  Cape Vulture;  Cape Wagtail;  Common Waxbill;  Cape Weaver;  Capped Wheatear;  Cardinal Woodpecker.

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