On Monday last week we drove to Cedar Farm where we met Richard and Jeanette.  It is a quaint farmhouse up a valley in the Baviaanskloof and we spent two nights there, giving ample time to explore the surrounding area.  Walks up the kloof revealed amazing rock formations, but our path was eventually blocked by a pool which required swimming to traverse, so we went no further.


Looking west into the Baviaanskloof

The actual drive out of the Baviaanskloof on our third day was quite an experience with very rough road conditions and some deep water traverses where streams had to be forded.  Luckily we had appropriate vehicles and this made for relatively comfortable, albeit very bumpy conditions.  We emerged from the mountains on Wednesday evening and made our way to our overnight stop near Van Stadens river, prior to setting off for Cradock on Thursday.  Our hosts appeared confused by our arrival although we had paid in full in October 2018.  Luckily they had rooms for us!!

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