Kagga Kamma

A three night visit to Kagga Kamma, with Roy and Avril as our companions, proved to be most enjoyable.  The small privately owned reserve is situated in the Koue Bokkeveld, and was an ideal place to find some solitude amongst the wondrous rock formations that characterise the area.  It was so quiet that we often wondered whether we were the only living souls in the area.  Obviously everyone else there was enjoying the same and did not want to disturb the peace.

We went for a couple of hikes, one of 7 km and one at 10 km.  They provided a good opportunity to get close to nature and even see some of the antelope that roam the reserve.  Birds were pretty scarce and we struggled to see more than around 15 species in the reserve.  These did, however, include some of the Karoo birds which we do not see around Hermanus.

Our return journey took us down the long gravel highway that stretches between Calvinia and Ceres, and we passed a large number of intrepid hikers, who were walking the 270 km long Tankwa Camino.  We did not envy them at all!  They walk around 27 km per day with absolutely no shade along the entire route, and nothing but glaring, bright, semi desert plains all around.

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