Volmoed Walk

This morning Mick led us on an interesting and challenging new walk at Volmoed.  First we went up the river to the base of the De Bos dam, then back through the burnt fynbos to the hill overlooking the Volmoed base and the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley.  We stopped there for a welcome coffee break before descending a steep rocky path back to the base.  From there we did another walk up the stream to the beautiful waterfall, before returning to our cars and home.

We covered a total of around 5.5 km in very windy conditions, however, the mountain afforded us shelter from the worst of it for most of the way except when we were on the high ridge and almost got blown off the path at times. It was good to see the fynbos recovering from the burn, but the number of alien species was cause for alarm.