Birthday Reunion at Breede River House

This weekend the twins celebrated their 48th birthday and we were fortunate to be able to all get away to the Breede River to help them enjoy their special day.  Breede River House was a large and comfortable place to stay and it accommodated all 15 of us (Gill came too) with ease.  Admittedly the drive down to the house was pretty steep, but we negotiated it okay and the only downside to the weekend was the weather.  After a sweltering week, the rain came in on the back of a stiff south-easter, so we were limited in our outdoor activities.

Fortunately the property is equipped with all the toys, so Michael was able to take all the kids and his brothers out on the river skiing or tubing. They had a ball, but found it warmer in the water than out!  We even managed to see a few birds, but, once again, the weather mitigated against any hiking or proper bird watching.  We ate and drank well and played lots of the many games that came with the house!