Arid Areas Birding – Part 2, Aus to Swakopmund

The drive from Aus to Savanna Farm, our next stop was uneventful.  We decided to go via Keetmanshoop as we were told that the gravel road from Seeheim to Grunau was really bad.  We have stayed at Savanna Farm previously and knew what to expect.  Strangely it was quite cool as a cold front was blowing through.

We wanted to see Rosy-faced Lovebirds and were not disappointed when a flock flew past.  Our drives around the farm also gave us the opportunity to see Stark’s Lark and a number of other species.  We were now in the land of the Sociable Weavers and their nests littered the skyline.

Our next stop was at the tented camp in the dunes at Teufelskrallen, near Kalkrand.  By now the temperature had soared and we spent the afternoon alternately standing in the shower, or sitting in the breeze getting cool with wet clothes on!  Birds were few and far between!

We spent a night in Windhoek, hoping to do some birding in the Daan Viljoen Reserve, but we were bitterly disappointed to find it so hot and dry that there was nothing to see!  The same applied to the Avis Dam site and the Botanical Gardens, so that we were quite glad to move on to Swakopmund, but more about that later!

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