Dot’s Dash 2015

When we met before our walk yesterday, there was general concensus that with rain in the air, it would be foolish to drive all the way to the Kogelberg, only to get wet.  Then John and Carol arrived and said, “No, of course we must go!” so we went and were very pleased that we did.

The cool overcast weather made for excellent walking conditions and we spent the morning enjoying what only Dot’s Dash can provide – wonderful flowers accompanied, this time, by the presence of the spectacular Erica pillansii.  It was wonderful to see that this plant, which only occurs here and which was wiped out by the fires of a few years ago, is back and well on the road to full recovery.  Of course there were many other beautiful plants and flowers as is evidenced by the attached photographs, and we aslo saw some good birds.

On our return journey some of us stopped at the Kleinmond coastal boardwalk and were pleased to see that the rare Haemanthus canaliculatus was still  blooming.  It makes a remarkable splash of colour in the burnt landscape!

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