Walking in Fernkloof

Only 7 Hurriers showed up for this morning’s walk which went up Kanonkop and then back down via Adder’s Ladder.  Despite this, Renee and I managed to separate ourselves from the group, as we went off hunting for Orchids (wrong season, I know, but we had had a report of an out of season flowering Acrolophia ustulata) and we never got to the Kanonkop summit for tea!

The flowers were largely absent, but the weather was beautiful and clear and we all had a good bit of exercise!

De Bos Wetland Trail

De Bos has, through Frank Woodvine, developed a wetland trail through their farm in the Hemel en Aarde Valley.  Frank led us through this area this morning and we were all enthralled to see what he has done, developing paths and points of interest.  De Bos has also done a great deal of development for tourism, and there are picnic sites spread around the property , complementing the magnificent tasting room that was recently opened.

The wetland area abounds with fynbos birds and the potential for spring flowers was evident.  The area will be well worth visiting again in September.

Dominated by Octogenarians!

Fourteen Hurriers set out for a walk in Fernkloof this morning, led by three of our venerable seniors (read ‘octogenarians’).  There was a fresh breeze blowing, hopefully the harbinger of rain later today, but they were not deterred, leading us around the face of Kanonkop and then Lemoenkop.

As usual, the mountainside was a treat to walk on with the fynbos giving us its seasonal crop of wild flowers, dominated by extensive growths of Ericas.

Galpin Hut Last Week

Despite a strong wind blowing and gale-force winds forecast for later seven turned up at the Visitors Centre 08.00.  (Thanks to Robin for changing the time to a more reasonable hour).  Almost as soon as we started the wind abated and we walked in perfect walking weather – cool with some cloud, clearing later.

As our leader was not a keen botanist he kept the party going at a steady pace with minimum stops for photographs and lots of chatter.  We took just short of 2 ½ hours to the hut where we had a good break and as promised by the leader we were down in time for lunch.

On the way down we had a great sighting of a Klipspringer standing on a rocky outcrop above us, outlined against the sky.  At the bench on the top of Adder Ladder we sighted, close by, a further four that wandered off down the slope.

The composition of our party was unusual and, in some instances, perhaps unique for a Hurriers walk. Unusually there were more males than females but what I think made the composition unique is that there were more octogenarians than youngsters!!

The four octo’s were equally between the sexes.  What can be said about the females octo’s collectively is that :

  1. They were older than their male counterparts
  2. They were far fitter and
  3. They were for sure a lot easier on the eye.

It was another fun day on the mountain enjoyed by all.


Dot’s Dash 2018

Nine Hurriers had the pleasure of walking Dot’s Dash this morning.  It was perfect walking weather apart from the rather stiff breeze, but there were plenty of places where we were in the lee of the mountain so all in all it was very pleasant.  As expected, the fynbos was amazing, with everyone blown away by the magnificent displays of Erica pillansii and E. perspicua.  The persistent fires in the region have failed to do more than make a dent in the garden that we call the Kogelberg Reserve.

The path was in very good condition and one has to take one’s hat off to the Kleinmond group who do such good work, constantly improving the route and building steps out of huge boulders.  They really must work very hard and we all appreciate their effort!

Hangklip Revisited

We last climbed Hangklip six years ago and then ten of us went up with relative ease.  Today was a different story!  Only four intrepid souls ventured up the steep climb – and boy, was it STEEP!!  We stopped many times on the way up to rest, but made it in the end, so were rewarded by the beautiful views from the top.  I very much doubt that any of us will do it again!  Of course, Audrey was there and showed us what can be achieved.  What an amazing walking companion!

Fernkloof Walk

Our walk along the Palmiet River in the Kogelberg had to be postponed today following the rioting in Hermanus, so we walked in Fernkloof instead.  It was an easy route broken only by refreshments provided by Ann to celebrate her forthcoming birthday!  We also had Robin with us who yesterday had a very significant birthday.  Well done to both of you!!