Post Fire Monitoring in Fernkloof

Another day of monitoring the fynbos in the wake of our last fire, proved as interesting as ever.  Nine of us set out from the Visitors’ Centre and we were joined by two more.  It was a long walk, however, and we lost participants as we went along, and by the time we were back after 12.5 km and 8 hours, we were reduced to 4 members.  Our route is shown on the map below.  It also clearly defines the burnt areas.


Orchids were, once again, a big draw and we saw no less than 19 species, beating our previous record by 2.  There were no new ones, but what we saw was very good, with some excellent sightings of Disperis paludosa and Pterogodium acutifolium.

Our climb to 700 metres took us through not only the recent burn, but also an earlier one, and it was interesting to see the progress of re-growth, and the preference, by orchids, for newly burnt terrain.


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