Orchids in Fernkloof in early November

Renee and I went walking in Fernkloof to try to find some of the Orchids mentioned by Sandy in her last visit 5 days ago.  It was a beautiful day for walking and we covered  10.7 km in 4 hours.  Our search was not in vain and, besides all the usual suspects like Disa cylindrica, D. ophrydea, D. bracteata, D. cornuta, Satyrium stenopetalum, S. bicollosam, Pterogodium acutifolium, P. catholicum, Ceratandra atrata and Evotella carnosum, we found Disa bivalvata, the beautiful D. racemosa and three new species for us; Evotella rubiginosa, Ceratandra harveyana and Satyrium rhynchanthum.  This was mighty exciting and I have to thank Renee for finding the Evotella and Satyrium, and Sandy for putting us on the right tracks!

4 thoughts on “Orchids in Fernkloof in early November

  1. jesslund

    Hi Ron, I am heading out to Fernkloof to do some orchid hunting tomorrow and was wondering if you could give me some info on where to find the Evotella? I really hope it will be flowering again this year. Thanks in advance! Jess

    1. Hi Jess
      Sorry for the late reply but I have been Orchid hunting at Barrydale. I am afraid you are unlikely to find the Evotella this late after the fire, but good hunting, nevertheless!

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