Walk at Hagelkraal

Mike and Koekoe met five of us who had travelled from Hermanus, at their cottage near Pearly Beach.  Also there was Susanna from the guest house next door, who was to accompany us on our walk.  Luckily the heavy rains of the preceding day had abated, but we had to endure some pretty cold wind.

The walk took us from the cottage, over the limestone hills and through some very interesting fynbos.  The path varied from non-existent (through low easy veld) to embryonic and along tracks and fire-breaks. When we later descended to the coastal plain, we again entered Mike’s ground and were impressed at his efforts at alien clearing, which rather put his neighbours to shame.  Near the end we were led into the thickets behind the cottage where Koekoe had a hamper of snacks and ‘soetwyn” awaiting our pleaseure at the platform that they use for sleeping out in summer.  From there, suitably warmed, we proceeded through the old milkwoods back to the cottage.  We had walked 7.6 kilometres and enjoyed every minute of it.

Next up was lunch at Rosemary’s in Gansbaai.  This was enjoyed in the garden behind the restaurant and formed a fitting end to a good outing.


Ten intrepid walkers left Hermanus this morning in very cold and blustery conditions.  Our aim was to climb the short distance from Pringle Bay to the top of Hangklip.  By the time we arrived there, the south-easter had picked up strength, but we were not deterred.  Eventually, after some fairly steep climbing, we reached the summit, but found that we had to hang on for dear life.  It was really blowing hard and very cold, so we did not stay too long – just enough time to see the views and take a picture or two, before we started our descent.  33kms to the west was Cape Point and 53 kms to the east lay Danger Point, both visible despite the hazy visibility. What a pity that the wind was so strong, as it would have been wonderful to be there on a clear, warm day.

By the time we had reached our vehicles at the start we were ready for some warm refreshment and wasted no time in finding the excellent coffee shop in the village, where we enjoyed a snack and some good coffee, rounding off a very good outing.