The Fernkloof Flower Festival

The weekend saw a huge influx of visitors to Fernkloof to participate in the annual Flower Festival, where the theme was Fynbos Creatures.  Not only were there superb arrangements of local flora and fauna, but an astounding collection of over 400 different specimens.  These attracted many amateur and professional botanists who were able to identify whatever occurs in the area at this time.

Other attractions included stalls displaying everything from detailed botany to energy conservation and herpatology.  The restaurant provided a constant flow of good food and the nursery attracted many plant buyers.  All in all it was a very successful affair, and the Botanical Society should pride itself on a job well done!

Specimen Collecting at Jakkalsdans Farm

This morning four of us went up to the top of the mountain on Jakkalsdans Farm, overlooking Vermont.  It was a beautiful day and we were collecting botanical specimens for the upcoming Fernkloof Flower Festival.  The recent fire meant that many of the specimens were immature in terms of size, so we struggled to get good cuttings, nevertheless we had a good day and enjoyed the views and scenery, as well as the plants that we saw.

From Vogelgat to Fernkloof

Eleven walkers set out this morning from Vogelgat Reserve.  We walked up via Sea Saddle to Mossel Nook Hut where we stopped for tea.  On the way we were surprised to see the new swimming pool erected on the path below the hut.  It will be a welcome stop for hikers on a hot day, but today the weather was far too cool to contemplate stripping off!

Our route from Vogelgat to Fernkloof
Our route from Vogelgat to Fernkloof

Walking conditions were ideal and we completed 10.2 km back to Fernkloof, on the route indicated on the above map.  The fynbos has recovered well from recent fires and we were delighted to find a small orchid along the way.

The swimming Hyena

Whilst sitting at a waterhole in Etosha National Park a couple of weeks ago, we noticed a hyena approaching the water.  It had a drink and then started wading into deeper water whilst sniffing the air around.

It then dived numerous times and was obviously struggling to raise a putrid carcass from the bottom of the pool

Then a second hyena arrived and looked at what was happening.  When the one in the water saw it, it immediately swam back to the edge and walked out of the water hole.

They sniffed each other and the first behaved very submissively, until it eventually slunk away with its tail between its legs.

A few more images from the south west African Traverse

We took so many photographs, that I cannot resist showing a few more.  Just wish I knew the names of all the flowers.

A Pubcrawl in Ovamboland

In my last post I published some images of bars along the road in Namibia.  I snapped about 45 of them before I decided to stop as I would be holding up the traffic which was getting heavier as we approached the local capital, Oshikati, thereby missing an opportunity to get to 100.  Couldn’t help showing a few more, so compiled this composite image.  They really could use an architect with a bit more imagination, don’t you think?

Some Ovamboland bars
Some Ovamboland bars